Thermocole (EP sheets) wholesale dealer in Bangalore
Thermocole (EP sheets)

Thermocole EPS pipe sections are manufactured of EPS blocks to go with any size of nominal bore of any pipe. These are available in 1 m length and the inside section from 25 mm to 325 mm and outer thickness from 25 mm to 100 mm. These are supplied in the density of 15 kg/M3 to 22 kg/M3. EPS pipe sections are used to safeguard MS pipes from outer atmosphere to avoid exposure to retain the required temperature within the pipe. MS pipes are used to circulate chilled water, very low temperature chemicals and warm fluids etc in air-conditioned multistoried complex, IT buildings and many other industries.

Various properties of Thermocol produced by the company:
  • It contains 3-6 million discreet cells per liter giving it excellent insulating properties.
  • It can be cut easily with simple tools like knife or a saw.
  • It can be painted with Plastic Emulsion paints or water bound distemper.
  • It has a high insulating efficiency, resistance to moisture, adequate structural strength and dimensional stability makes it easy to use.
  • Thermocol insulation is permanent and life long.
Application of Thermocole

For Insulation

In Refrigeration -industrial refrigeration, cold storage, cooled rooms, refrigerated trucks, domestic refrigerator and air-conditioning ducts.
In Building - ceilings, false ceilings, roofs, walls, floors, floating floors, door, partitions and cemented water tanks.
Acoustic Insulation - cinema halls, factories, offices and residential buildings.

For Packaging

For fragile products and delicate equipments such as electronic goods, glassware (molded and hand cuts) and similar products.
It can also be used as a source of display in exhibitions and for multiple type of decorations.