Tarpaulins wholesale dealer in Bangalore

We are well-known distributor, wholesaler and promoter of packaging materials. Techno Pack offers you an extensive range of tarpaulin or tarp. It is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water resistant or waterproof material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with plastics like latex or PVC. Our company supplies the best type of tarpaulin cover sheet in the Country. Apart from distributing, supplying and wholesaling, we also manufacture tarpaulin sheets as per clients’ specifications. Our tarpaulin is made from woven polyethylene. We manufacture tarpaulin with reinforced grommets at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points for rope, allowing them to be tied down or suspended.

It is used as a shelter in the form of an impromptu tent or groundsheet in camping, outdoor or military situations. The tarpaulin sheet is a laminate of woven and sheet material. The center is loosely made from strips of polyethylene plastic with sheets of the same material bonded to the surface. This creates a fabric-like material that resists stretching well in all directions and is waterproof. When treated against ultraviolet rays, these striped tarpaulin sheet can last for years exposed to the elements. It is widely used by in making of sails, as it is inexpensive and water resistant.


Wax-quoted Waterproof Tarpaulins, Chemically-Processed Tarpaulins, PVC Laminated HDPE Tarpaulins, SRF Nylon Tarpaulins, Silpaulins and Raksha Nylon Tarpaulins.