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SIL-XL-C - Fire Retardant Chemically Crossed Linked Polyethylene

The insulation materials are fire retardant and chemically crossed linked polyethylene

SIL-XL-C is an ideal environmental friendly insulation material with a perfect solution to all your insulation needs of ducts, roofs and floors, Pipes, Vessels Etc. SIL-XL_C is available in self extinguishing fire retardant grade, easy to install, having low thermal conductivity, moisture and vapour resistant resulting in optimum condensation protection.
It comes in various width and thicknesses.

Features and Advantages

  • 100% closed cell cross linked: Works as a good insulation material
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +115°C - ideal product for cold and hot water insulation.
  • Non Toxic, CFC free, Non Hazardous, Anti Fungal and uneffected by acids, alchols and alkalies


  • Insulation of HVAC Ducts
  • Insulation of Hot & Cold Water Pipe Lines
  • Floor & Roof Insulation
  • Thermal & Acoustics Insulation applications of Automotives/ Coaches/ Buses/ Trains
  • Used in Internal Lining for Split A/C & AHUs
  • Insulation of Drain Pans, Heat Exchangers & Vessels