Floor Protection
Floor Protection Materials

Cost effective solution for Floor Protection to the Building Industry

This multilayer material can protect your precious floor tiles, marble, granite, wooden floor etc. while interior work like civil, electrical, painting or carpentry is going on. You need not use POP, any kind of paper or any plastic sheets. No skilled labour is required for laying and un laying. You can lay it like a carpet on the floor. The material is very tough but flexible. One can use it over skirting and staircases also. After work is done you can remove and reuse it. The material is water resistant, UV resistant, re-usable, very light in weight, environment friendly etc..

To avoid the damage to the tiles, Plaster of Paris (POP) is laid on the Flooring and removed after the completion of the job. POP has many disadvantage as it is cumbersome to lay & remove , Skilled labour is required , Time Consuming , Disposition of debris after completion is the major problem , While removing / scrapping operation chances of getting scratches to the tiles. Construction site becomes shabby, uncomfortable, dusty, and unhygienic.
Cello Floor Protector is the alternative available now, it can be easily laid and removed by any person / layman, thus preventing damage to the tiles, maintains the site clean and hygienic. Sheets are reusable at another site, thus solving the problem of disposition – an additional benefit to the customer.

  • Safeguards floor tiles from foreign particles and impacts.
  • Durability is much higher due to its multiple layering. It is resistant to wear-tear, UV rays, breakage, water, attrition, notch impact, turpentine, thinner etc. & does not suffer abrasions due to its high density polymer sack material coating.
  • Can be laid down very easily and the installation process is uncomplicated, which can be completed in few steps. So installation is very cheap.
  • It is made up of eco-friendly product; it is very light in weight, skid free & reusable.
  • Since it is reusable, it can be reused to cover or protect flooring again or as a packing to protect delicate or fragile material.
  • One can use it to protect marble, granite, marbonite etc & porous floorings like wooden floorings also without using separate plastic sheets.
  • Since it is UV resistant, it can be used to protect flooring of open areas like swimming pool also.
  • After applying heavy weight on it also, it immediately reforms it’s shape.
  • Since material is flexible it can take almost any shape. It can be laid on staircase & skirtings in one piece.
  • Laying POP accumulates dust in joints between two tiles. Where in this material there is no such chance.
  • When POP is used, flooring usually becomes rough, allowing dust to accumulate on upper surface of POP and site becomes very dirty. Since it is waterproof, the upper surface can be cleaned & stains can be removed with water.


Hygienic, clean working environment that boosts performance and avoids the dusty, uncomfortable atmosphere of POP that costs all on-site equipments and materials.