Air Bubble manufactures and Pouches wholesale dealer in Bangalore
Air Bubble Film / Pouches

We are the exclusive manufactures of plain and antistatic air bubble bags are made from fully automatic machine in various sizes as per the customers specification. It is widely used in the packing of electronic items, precious metal components, furniture, glass, fragile products and auto parts. Our air bubble cut piece has all the adequate quality to protect your products from any damage or loss. Air bubble film is a very special product, which can be made by various laminated sheets depending on the product to be packed and required thickness. These are available in all grades in standard sizes depending upon techno-commercial value of products. It is suitable in EPS/EPE packaging because of its unique characteristic of grade.


  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles like transit packing of vehicles, returnable / multiple use packing material, domestic and exports spares packing, component packing, packing material for 2-wheelers etc
  • Packaging of highly polished and sensitive items like electronic gadgets, appliances & scientific instruments
  • Packaging of electronics & machinery
  • Engineering components, industrial parts & automobile spare parts packaging
  • Packaging and cushioning of furniture panels & profiles
  • Packaging material for sensitive IT merchandise
  • Fruits & vegetables packaging
  • Closed cell structure makes them dust, water and wind resistant.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Chemical and UV resistant

Customized Application

  • Both Aerothene and Bubble Wrap can be converted into sheets, bags or pouches to customer specifications.
  • Can be manufactured in various weight/ strength categories.
  • Can be laminated to a number of materials - paper, foil, plastic and aerothene.
  • Bubble rolls can be split into quarters, thirds, halves or any width required.