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Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes We are reputed for distributing and supplying high quality adhesive tapes all over India. Adhesive tape is an adhesive-coated fastening tape, which is used for temporary or permanent adhesion between objects. A tape that will stick with application of pressure only (i.e. without activation by water, solvent or heat) is known as adhesive tapes. Our company provides a variety of adhesive tapes that includes single sided tapes, double sided tapes, transparent and coloured tapes. Single-sided tapes are used for joining of two overlapping or adjoining materials. Double-sided tapes (adhesive on both sides) are suitable for joining of two items back-to-back.

Types of Adhesive Tapes

Transparent Tape: Transparent tape (sticky tape or office tape) is transparent and often contains a cellulose-based backing and an acrylic adhesive.

Gaffer Tape: It is based on a heavy fabric or plastic tape. The name ‘Gaffer Tape’ is derived from its use by gaffers in the entertainment industry or by others to hold down cables particularly to prevent tripping hazards.

Duct Tape: It mainly used by people needing to tear tape by hand. It has a fabric backing and also known as duck tape.

Box Sealing Tape: It is a type of packaging tape, which is a clear or opaque used for closing packages for shipment. It is usually two inch (48 mm) or three inch (72 mm) wide and is made of a polypropylene backing.

Masking Tape: It is used to cover areas that shouldn't be painted. It usually has a paper backing and an adhesive design, which helps in easily removing it from surfaces (after a limited time).

Electrical Tape: It is made of materials like vinyl that do not conduct electricity.

Surgical Tape: It is an adhesive bandage used to hold dressing on a wound.

Double-Sided Tape: It is adhesive from both sides.

Spike Tape: It is a thinner version of gaffers tape, which is usually bright colored. It is used to mark places of furniture or actors on a stage.